Goal of the Project

For this project, the Lowell Guitars Commercial Video was created in 2018 to advertise a new fictional retail store. This video is kept to 30 seconds to fit within the standard time frame for a typical television commercial. The project was to incorporate a fictional company logo of our own design, utilize motion graphics, appropriate video transitions and our own audio narration to create a complete commercial for a product.

Project Specs


  • Video Recording
  • Video Post Production
  • Motion Graphics

Software Used

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Apple GarageBand

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Hardware Used

  • Blue Yeti Desktop Microphone
  • Canon Vixia HF G40 video camera
  • Fender Stratocaster electric guitar
  • Manfrotto 055XB Tripod
  • Manfrotto 701HDV Tripod Head


  • Patrons of the Lowell Guitars retail store
  • Potential Lowell Guitars clients

Solution to the Problem

For this project, I created a commercial for a fictitious retail store called Lowell Guitars. I recorded the audio narration and used stills and video I shot. I composed and played the background music heard through my Fender Stratocaster electric guitar into the Apple GarageBand software. This 30 second commercial can be seen on my YouTube Channel under Lowell Guitars Commercial at: https://youtu.be/-OA3YBdlGwg

Background Music

Th music for this commercial was recorded into Apple GarageBand on a MacBook Pro. This Lowell Guitars Commercial Music is an original composition played on my Fender Stratocaster electric guitar available on Soundcloud.

Video Text Transcription

(Electric Guitar Music)

(Image on screen: Lowell Guitars Logo)

(Announcer Speaking)
Lowell Guitars is Central Illinois newest guitar retail store located in Normal, Illinois.

(Image on screen: Musician playing guitars, guitar cleaning kit, maintenance kit and guitar strings)
We stock a huge supply of guitars, amplifiers, guitar pedals, and accessories.

(Image shown on screen: Exterior of Lowell Guitars retail store)
Check out our selection online or come into the store. We are conveniently located off Veterans Parkway at 200 Greenbriar Drive between the Michael's and the Fresh Market.

(Image shown on screen: Store Hours)
Our store hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 9 pm, Saturday from 9 am to 10 pm and Sunday from 1 pm to 6 pm. We can't wait to see you.

(Image on screen: Lowell Guitars Logo)
Lowell Guitars
Huge selection, great prices, and friendly staff.

(Music Ends)