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Corcoran Studio: Free Stuff offered by Tom Corcoran, Graphic Designer


Who doesn't like free stuff? With that in mind I have created and assembled a collection of graphic and web design related items you might find helpful. Check back for more freebies you might enjoy.

Aegisub Software Instructions

If you require a closed captioning text file on a video project, use the freeware program called Aegisub. This free download is available at Following along with the attached Aegisub Instructions PDF will produce a .srt file with your timestamps and captions for use with many video providers.

Aegisub Instructions (PDF)

Shared: April 24, 2023

Markdown Cheatsheet

Markdown language is useful for formatting text, links and other content on documents or static site generators where the HTML is produced from markdown code. This markdown cheatsheet PDF contains a quick single page cheat sheet for Markdown. For more information about Markdown and how it is used visit the Markdown Guide web site.

Markdown Cheatsheet(PDF)

Shared: April 24, 2023

Monthly Habit Tracker

Track up to 4 daily habits with a basic Monthly Habit Tracker PDF. Just like the monthly planner, simply print 6 copies double sided (short-edge binding), fold down the middle and staple. Then write the month and year at the top of each page and fill in the days of the week in the small grey triangle. Fill in 4 different habits you'd like to track on the lines included at the top of the page.

Monthly Habit Tracker (PDF)

Shared: January 2, 2023

Monthly Planner

Stay on track each month with a basic double sided Monthly Planner PDF. Simply print 6 copies double sided (short-edge binding), fold down the middle and staple. Then write the month and year at the top of each page and fill in the days of the week in the small grey triangle.

Monthly Planner (PDF)

Shared: January 2, 2023

Golden Ratio

Knowledge of the Golden Ratio goes back for millennia in mathematics, art and science. Utilize the power of this seemingly universal design ratio in your designs and layouts with this Golden Ratio PDF. Also available as a Golden Ratio PNG and a Golden Ratio EPS

Golden Ratio (PDF)

Shared: July 10, 2021

Common Image Sizes

This Common Image Sizes PDF contains information about common image sizing for social media, tablet and smartphones and computer screens. A one-stop-shop for all things image size in a handy two sided document.

Common Image Sizes (PDF)

Shared: July 10, 2021

Thumbnail Design

Print out your own thumbnail boxes and more save more time for the creative work. This Thumbnail Design PDF includes a section at the bottom to write in the Project, Client and Date.

Thumbnail Design (PDF)

Shared: May 31, 2021

Isometric Grid Paper

A twist on regular old grid paper.... this grid paper is designed with lines printed at an angle for isometric drawings in a standard 8.5 x 11" double sided Isometric Grid Paper PDF for print.

Printable Isometric Grid Paper (PDF)

Shared: May 31, 2021

Timebox Daily Schedule

You secure your possessions but how about your time? Use this handy timebox daily schedule PDF to manage and control your life. If you are trying to be more intentional about your daily activities this PDF should help.

Timebox Daily Schedule (PDF)

Shared: April 29, 2021

Inspiration Wallpaper

In need of some daily inspiration? Checkout this wallpaper design available for a wide variety of devices and screen resolutions inspired by Ephesians 2:10.

Ephesians 2:10 Wallpaper

Shared: December 20, 2019

Adobe Captivate Accessibility

Use this quick checklist PDF as a guide to ensure basic accessibility when creating an Adobe Captivate 7 eLearning project. Adobe Captivate 7 Accessibility PDF.

Adobe Captivate Accessibility Checklist (PDF)

Shared: December 20, 2019

Rule of Thirds for Video Production

Following the rule of thirds when composing video can improve the quality of the compositions. This single page PDF shows how to use the rule of thirds with presentations and video interview scenarios. Rule of Thirds for Video Production PDF.

Rule of Thirds for Video (PDF)

Shared: September 11, 2019

Sass Cheat Sheet

If you are creating modern CSS you should really try using the power of Sass. This cheat sheet below provides a handy 2 page PDF to use a a quick Sass reference. SASS Cheat Sheet PDF.

SASS Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Shared: August 5, 2019

File Systems Flow Chart and Transfer Speeds

If you can't quite remember which file system you need to format your drive for use this helpful flow chart to guide your way. Also, page 2 of this PDF includes a handy chart showing file transfer speeds of a variety of commonly used storage drives. File System and Transfer Speed PDF.

File Systems Flow Chart and Transfer Speeds Chart (PDF)

Shared: August 5, 2019