Goal of the Project

For this project, students in the GMD 311 course at DeVry University were tasked with creating a short video to develop our skills using Adobe Premiere Pro video production software. We needed to take short video clips along with still images and background music to assemble a professionally produced video highlighting an area event or specific portion of town, mimicking the type of video commonly produced for local bureau of tourism agencies.

Project Specs


  • Video Recording
  • Video Post Production
  • Motion Graphics

Software Used

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC icon

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Hardware Used

  • Apple iPhone 6


  • Visitors of Uptown Normal, Illinois

Solution to the Problem

For this week, we were tasked with creating a short video highlighting an event or area in our home town. I recorded the video shown on my iPhone and used royalty free music from Purple-Planet.com. This 3 minute video spot can be seen on my YouTube Channel under A Tour of Uptown Normal at: https://youtu.be/mdXy5Ety6vo

Feedback From Others

"Good work, Thomas. The pacing and duration match the music well, and your footage is clear and consistent quality. Keep up the good work."

- Michael Zalot, DeVry University Instructor (6/2018)