Goal of the Project

Project is half page magazine print advertisement for the 2019 Homecoming event at Illinois Wesleyan University. This work was performed for a job interview in 2019.

The goal of this project is to advertise the Fall 2019 Illinois Wesleyan University Homecoming event taking place on October 4-6, 2019. This advertisement is a half page full color magazine ad.

Project Specs


  • Image Manipulation
  • Magazine Advertisement Design
  • Page Layout
  • Vector Graphic Design

Software Used

  • Adobe Illustrator CC icon
  • Adobe InDesign CC icon
  • Adobe Photoshop CC icon

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  • Illinois Wesleyan University Alumni
  • Illinois Wesleyan University Administration, Faculty, and Staff

Solution to the Problem

To build excitement in this advertisement I used very large graphic and text elements. The page layout is along the lines of the golden ratio where each element is proportional to the other areas on the page. Illinois Wesleyan University (IWU) colors, typography and images are used to convey a sense of belonging to IWU. Attractive, smiling faces (which people are naturally drawn to) were used to also convey the sense of excitement, encouraging IWU Alumni and the current Illinois Wesleyan University community members to join together in this annual event. The day will include audio recording IWU Alumni reminiscing about their fond memories of Illinois Wesleyan University. Hence, the inclusion of the microphone vector graphic in the upper middle portion. The football vector was included to signify the homecoming game. I feel this design overall communicates the level of energy and excitement to encourage attendance at the event.