Goal of the Photo

This is a location that I visit frequently on trips to St. Louis, Missouri. Depending on the time of day, weather, and time of year, photos can take on a variety of qualities so I am never bored when visiting this botanical garden. A variety of items are usually in bloom during much of the year. For this image I was going after a very painterly, serene image to show the beauty of this location.

Project Specs


  • Landscape Photography

Camera and Lens Used

  • Camera: Pentax K110d DSLR
  • Lens: Pentax-DA 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 AL
  • Aperture: f8
  • Film Speed: ISO 200
  • Focal Length: 35mm
  • Shutter Speed: 1/180th second

Location and Date

Location: Japanese Drum Bridge (Taikobashi)
Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, Missouri

  • Date: May 25, 2013

Photo Analysis

The diagonal placement of the items on the screen make for a dynamic image despite the fact that there is really no action taking place in the photo. The smooth stones near the bottom third of the image lead the eye up and toward the bridge which stands out as the only solid structure. The Drum Bridge, or Taikobashi in Japanese, connects the Teahouse Island with the main garden walkway area, spanning the body of water within the garden.

The color palette of earthy tones in a variety of greens, grays, and browns along with the striking maroon contributes to the overall sense of cohesion to this photo. The eye wanders around but never encounters anything unbalanced or unaesthetic. This is a soothing, calming image that I tend to return to just as a source of relaxation and to remember a beautiful, serene location.