Goal of the Project

For the WGD 210 Digital Imaging Fundamentals course at DeVry University in 2017, one of the weekly projects was to create a print advertisement for a product of our choosing. I chose to use a Blue Yeti Microphone as my product. The audience for this design would be audio producers or consumer audio enthusiasts looking for a professional quality microphone for use with their home computer at a reasonable price.

Project Specs


  • Print Ad Design
  • Page Layout
  • Product Photography
  • Photo Manipulation

Software Used

  • Adobe Illustrator CC icon
  • Adobe Photoshop CC icon

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  • Home Audio Enthusiasts

Solution to the Problem

For this design, I sketched out several initial ideas for advertisement layouts. From there I took many different pictures of the microphone along with other complimentary images like the headphones seen in the final design. Within Adobe Photoshop CC, I manipulated each photo and arranged them with the remaining Blue Microphone company logo and text into the balanced composition. The background is a light blue/teal color and white gradient which I then ran through a crystalize filter and made the crystal effects large cells. I thought that this background added an additional eye-catching element. The ON AIR text is meant to mimic "on air" signage seen in a recording studio or radio station. And finally, the Blue Microphones company logo was added in the upper left to balance out the asymmetrical design.

Feedback from Others

"Fantastic job with the magazine ad assignment for Week 6. You earned 100/100 points. Another assignment with a lot of creative freedom here. You did a nice job all around. I don't have any critiques for you. This is great. Great use of the art, good Photoshop techniques, good text, reads well. Just great all around. This is a good portfolio piece for you! Again, great work here."

- Justin Knupp, DeVry University Instructor (12/2017)

"What a fantastic magazine ad! The logo is crisp and clear and I really like the background with its texture and mix of whites/teals. I'll have to say it for the third time on your post, but The headphone wire through the O is very slick looking. I'm sold, where can I get one?!"

- Brian Walters, DeVry University Student (11/2017)

"I love your Ad! Making the cord visible through the "O" is such a simple touch that adds so much dimension to your creation. I like the use of the teal background. Your images and the word "Blue" stand out very well. You did a fantastic job with this week's project!"

- Bailey Burke, DeVry University Student (11/2017)