Goal of the Project

While working at Heartland Community College as the Media Technologist between 2007 and 2016 I was tasked with supporting the needs of faculty and students having issues with using the Blackboard Learning Management System. The college shifted over to using Blackboard in 2010 from the previous learning management system called WebCT. During this transition period I saw the need to build out a knowledge repository so others providing tech support for the college would have a single source of information to point users to pertaining to problems and solutions while using the Blackboard LMS.

This website design was to fulfill the need for a sharable knowledge base for tech support issues campus wide for both faculty and students.

Project Specs


  • Handout Design
  • Icon Design
  • Screen Recordings
  • Web Design
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript Development

Software Used

  • Adobe Illustrator CS4 icon
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 icon
  • Notepad++ code editor

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  • Heartland Community College Online Faculty
  • Heartland Community College Online Students

Solution to the Problem

Seeing the need for a single source of information with which I could share solutions to commons problems being reported from both a student perspective and an instructors viewpoint, I decided to take the initiative to design and create a website during the Summer 2010 semester at Heartland Community Colllege dedicated to Blackboard Learning Management System Tech Support. I used Adobe Illustrator CS4 and Adobe Photoshop CS4 to design the wireframing and mockups along with all of the graphic elements of the site. This website is a fixed width design as it was created in 2010 just at the beginning of the technique known as responsive design. The HTML, CSS and JavaScript were all hand written using Notepad++ text and source code editor to build out this web site.

In addition to the design of the website, I created all of the text content, screen recording videos and handouts used on the web site. I maintained this website between its creation in 2010 and approximately 2013/2014 and this website served as a knowledge repository for Blackboard issues at the college for several years.

This project serves as one example of how I took initiative and ownership of a problem, tried to move that problem a bit more upstream and provided a solution.

This Blackboard Tech Support for Heartland Community College web site design can be seen at: Blackboard Tech Support Website