Goal of the Project

I designed the Local Food Day Digital Signage in 2014 while serving as the Media Technologist at Heartland Community College. This project was used as an event announcement displayed on all digital signage throughout the community college campus. This day long event was held on campus and open to the public. Owners of a locally owned family farm, PrairiErth Farm, came to speak to the public about celebrating local food day, an event held to highlight supporting your local farmers and the farm-to-table movement.

Project Specs


  • Signage Design
  • Page Layout
  • Image Manipulation

Software Used

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 icon

Adobe Photoshop CS5


  • Community College Campus
  • Local Community Members

Solution to the Problem

The feeling I conveyed in this design was that of a local farm complete with traditional "road side" Americana typeface choices, colors and layout. I can image this design painted on the side of a barn or rural business. The large tomato in the center is an eye catching focal point to draw the viewer into the message of the event. This design was produced in Adobe Photoshop CS5. The design was an effective event announcement for the campus as this event was widely attended.